You Belong in Burnsville

City of Burnsville Logo with tagline stating You Belong Here

You Belong Here. 

Seems like a simple sentiment. But the reality is that it goes much deeper.

The City received feedback from more than 1,400 residents, non-residents, and community stakeholders about what they admired about our community. 

We heard things like, “Burnsville is a friendly, welcoming community open for anyone and everyone” and “Burnsville is welcoming, forward-looking, inclusive.”

At the heart of Burnsville is a sense of belonging. Our people, families, businesses are all part of what makes Burnsville special.  

Thus, City of Burnsville: You Belong Here was developed.

Click Here to view focus group/survey feedback (PDF)

Sharing the Message

We want everyone to know that they belong in Burnsville! You will start seeing the City's updated messaging around town and outside of our community. 

Please help us spread the word and share the personality of Burnsville by using the hashtag #YouBelonginBville on social media.

Multiple faces of people of different ages, cultures, occupations with text "You Belong Here"