Lake Marion Trail

This Project Includes

  • Installation of new paved trails from Sunset Pond Park to Kelleher Park
  • Installation of a new boardwalk through part of Kelleher Park
  • Installation of off-street sidewalks from Kelleher Park to Savage
  • Installation of dedicated on-street bike lanes from Kelleher Park to Savage




See updates below by phase

Phase 1

  • Centerpoint Energy is relocating a gas main
  • Retaining wall installation has been delayed until Centerpoint Energy is done relocating the gas main

Phase 2

  • Grading is continuing

Phase 3

  • Grading to start on the west end near Burnsville Parkway starting the week of August 10, 2020

Phase 4

  • Schedule yet to be determined

Phase 5

  • Tree clearing is complete
  • Grading to start the week of August 10, 2020
Lake Marion Trail Phasing Map